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Frequntly Asked Questions

How far out can I book?

At this moment we are booking from now to June 2021. 

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, there is a $50 non-refundable deposit that needs to be paid to secure your date. If you choose to have a décor budget that also needs to be paid in full along with your $50 deposit.

How long do the balloons last?

Our balloon garlands and balloon columns typically can last upto 3 or more days if kept indoors at room temperature. We do not use helium so there is no need to worry about you balloons deflating before your event starts.

How long do you need to setup?

For events at home we prefer to setup the day before. We feel this way we are out of your way and can take our time to make sure every detail is turning out the way you would like. Typically a setup at home can take 2-3 hours depending on what all décor you are wanting.

For venue setups we typically can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. This depends on how many guest tables we will be decorating and if we are providing chair covers. We do not provide chair covers for over 150 people at this time.

I am having a party at a venue and the only allow 30min to setup, can you help?

Yes we can setup events in 30 minutes. However, do to the time limit some items may not be avaible as they can take up to much space that is needed for other items to make sure your event looks picture perfect. Message us and we can discuss more on what we can setup in 30minutes.

What kind of centerpieces do you have?

We try to offer a variety of centerpieces for different events. Some of these centerpieces include balloon stand boquet, 30in gold stands with silk flowers, lanterns with custom decals and more.

Do I get to keep any décor or centerpieces after the party?

Everything we setup gets picked up with the exception of custom wood name cut outs, custom 8x8 vinyl backdrops, and any edible décor such as cookies cake pops custom boxes and pringle cans.

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